The video below gives you more information on how to use of the collaborative platform:
- How to register ?
- How to propose your project or participate in an existing project?
- How to request or propose a technical skill?

Making a proposal in 3 steps:

1 - I propose a project by clicking on "Write a project proposal"
(I can also offer my skills or knowledge).

2 - An interested person can contact me by clicking on my project's thumbnail (or on my skill offer).

3 - I answer the person and we choose, or not, to form a team (or simply to work punctually together).

Making a request in 3 steps:

1 - I request a specific skill by clicking on "Request a skill or knowledge".
(I can also look for a person to participate in my project).

2 - I am contacted by a person who offers a skill or knowledge corresponding to my request.

3 - I benefit from this person's skill.
(The person can join my team if that was the purpose of my request).